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SongHi is a free music making platform for creating music, remixes, sounds, instruments and lyrics independently or by collaborating. We've built a student-centered, relaxed and safe approach to musical creativity based on children's natural curiosity and the learning-by-doing -mentality which makes you learn for life. Our browser-based studio runs in any modern tablet or laptop, and it's 100% free (of ads too!). Starting with SongHi in your classroom is a breeze with our pedagogically designed lesson activities.

Who We Are

SongHi is a Finnish six-member startup-team stationed at Aalto University campus, Espoo Finland. We have a passion for educational and creative music making, and we have been exploring a relaxed web-based approach to start creating music.

What we believe in

Music makes you get in touch with your emotions and helps you better understand the world around us. We believe in the creative and connective force of music and want everyone to succeed in that journey and get those “YES I CAN” and "WE DID THIS" -feelings.

Why are we here

A boost in creativity and confidence leads to miracles that we've witnessed during our test tours in schools around the world. If we can help in sparking excitement and passion for music and creativity in general - we feel proud that we've done our part well.

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