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  • What is SongHi?
    SongHi is a online music community for makers and listeners where everyone can start making good sounding music without prior knowledge on music.
  • How much does it cost?
    You can use SongHi for free! In the future we will provide you with additional premium features and content. SongHi Premium will be available later.
  • Supported platforms

    SongHi runs in your browser without any installation required. You can access SongHi with your desktop PC/Mac and tablets. Phones are also supported but music making is not optimized for small screens.

    Optimal experience is achieved with the latest Chrome or Firefox browsers. And with headphones on! :)

  • What can I do in SongHi?
    You can for example…
    • make music!
    • enjoy the music made in SongHi!
    • remix songs by others
    • create your own instruments
    • listen and use instruments made by others
    • make lyrics for songs
    • share your songs & instruments in SongHi and in social media
    • comment & like content
    • follow great artists
    • take part in cool competitions!
  • Where can I leave feedback?

    The best way to give feedback about SongHi is to fill our feedback form which you can find in the footer of the site.

    You can also contact us directly at community@songhi.com

  • Reporting inappropriate content

    If you find some content to be inappropriate or that violates our Terms of Use, you can report that material with the links found in the song or instrument pages.

    You can also contact us directly at community@songhi.com

  • Where can I find tutorials on how to use the studio?

    You can access the basic and advanced tutorials inside the studio from the “Getting started” button.

    Tutorial videos are also available on our YouTube channel HERE. Remember to follow us there too!

  • Can I download my song?

    Yes! In the studio, open the MENU. There you can export and download your song in MP3, or even in MIDI format.

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