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Who We Are

We’re a small but fierce group of music lovers. We're (mainly) based in Helsinki, Finland and have superpowers in the UK and Hong Kong too. We were brought together by a shared passion for music, technology, and sharing of good vibes (Our CEO told us to put that here). We play, experience and create music ourselves on a daily basis as a hobby or career. We mix music with our morning coffee and we consider music being a universal language.

Why Are We Here

Making music is still viewed as a privilege of few. We are here to challenge that and to prove there is no such thing as "non-musical people." Anyone can make music, be it short melodies or elaborate compositions. It's all music, and you can do it. We'd love to share that ENERGY and JOY of musical creativity: those feelings of achievement, positive emotions, and making new friends as part of the learning process.

What We Believe In

We believe that anyone (with an open mind and enough curiosity) can find their inner composer. Especially when provided with easy tools and a tiny bit of gentle guidance. Not many of us can construct a song, create lyrics, sing or perform. But what we can do is to share those little musical ideas and let others join and help to create.

Our mission and dream

Our mission is to inspire everyone to explore, be creative and collaborate through music. We want to encourage creativeness, collaboration and sharing of musical ideas casually and quickly with a community of like-minded music lovers. Our dream is to help everyone find and nourish their musical identity. Sounds a bit cheesy, but that's the way we roll!

I'm ready! Let's make music


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